IRS spam. BONUS: malware, trojan

I just received a new email from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) alerting me about a criminal complaint against my company :))

Dear business owner,
A criminal complaint has been filled against your company.
Your company is being accused of trying to commit tax evasion schemes.
The full text of the complaint file ( .DOC type ) can be viewed in your Microsoft Word, complaint is attached.
AN official response from your part is required, in order to take further action.
Please review the charges brought forward in the complaint file, and contact us as soon as possible by :
Telephone Assistance for Businesses: Toll-Free, 1-800-829-4933
Email: [email protected]
Thank you,
Internal Revenue Service Fraud Prevention Department

The attached doc file complaint20150119.doc gave the following results:

Fun fun fun

htaccess setup

permanent (301) redirect

redirect all pages to the root or one page of a new domain

redirect one file:

redirect subdomain to the root domain keeping the url

redirect subdomain to the root domain without keeping the url

 block / disable directory indexing

allow access to only one IP

custom message for 403 access denied



WordPress Multisite: disable site delete

Once in a while WordPress Multisite admins may have to face the fact that blogs are not forever :)) Some authors may choose to delete their sites from the network.

Once they use the option to delete from the Tools menu they will receive a message like this one:

You recently clicked the ‘Delete Site’ link on your site and filled in a form on that page.

If you want to disable this option and keep your bloggers captive :)) here you go: Disable Site Delete – a plugin that does just what the title says.

From now on your bloggers will have to ask you to delete their blogs as super-admins will be the only ones being able to do it.

Google Analytics – Organic search results show up as direct traffic

Very interesting and rather bold experiment by the Groupon SEO team.

Our testing shows that, for a site getting in the ballpark of 50% mobile web traffic, the 60% of the traffic to long URLs reported as Direct is probably Organic traffic from Google

More on the subject here.