WordPress Multisite: disable site delete

Once in a while WordPress Multisite admins may have to face the fact that blogs are not forever :)) Some authors may choose to delete their sites from the network.

Once they use the option to delete from the Tools menu they will receive a message like this one:

You recently clicked the ‘Delete Site’ link on your site and filled in a form on that page.

If you want to disable this option and keep your bloggers captive :)) here you go: Disable Site Delete – a plugin that does just what the title says.

From now on your bloggers will have to ask you to delete their blogs as super-admins will be the only ones being able to do it.

Google Analytics – Organic search results show up as direct traffic

Very interesting and rather bold experiment by the Groupon SEO team.

Our testing shows that, for a site getting in the ballpark of 50% mobile web traffic, the 60% of the traffic to long URLs reported as Direct is probably Organic traffic from Google

More on the subject here.